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Hi, my name is Michelle and I own & run Muddy Paws Cornwall.  I offer a professional dog walking, Pet sitting and Puppy/ Dog training service. 

I have recently expanded Muddy Paws and am now joined by Kym,my Mum; Debbie, Emma, Sam,Kirsty and Meredith. Myself and my team have many years' experience in pet ownership,Dog walking and basic training. We have all worked with animal charities in the past and are all fully insured.


We walk on beaches or country walks, from 30 mins upwards. We only charge for the walking time and none of the travelling costs. We are huge animal lovers and  have all been around animals all our lives so your best friend is in good hands.

Going on holiday?  Then let us look after your pet in our home, where they will be treated like part of the family

Have a new puppy and need some basic training or maybe an older puppy or rescue dog that needs extra training. For more info on my Training page.

Are you having a particular training or behavioural issue with your dog and want some 1-2-1 training again check out my Training page for more info.

Please check out the rest of this website where you can see more details about our services, photos and testimonials from past and present clients

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Mickey - Miniature Schnauzer 

The Miniature like the Giant Schnauzer originated from Germany in the 19th century and was bred by farmers for hunting vermin and guarding.

Breeders crossed a small standard Schnauzer with a Affenpinscher, a miniature Pinscher and a Poodle to produce this compact dog with a strong, solid frame.

After WWII the breed became popular internationally, particularly in the USA.

The Miniature Schnauzer makes a great family pet as they are playful, protective towards family members and very quick to learn. They can be strong minded so need patient and firm training.

Mickey is always very relaxed when out with the pack and always plays nicely with the others. He does like to wander off on his own occasionally to explore, but always comes back for  tasty treat!  



We are looking for people to join our pet sitting team,if you love animals and have some free time, email us or go through our "contact us" page.