Mini Cubes: Ingredients: Chicken 25%,Cod 25%,Beef 25%.Analysis:Protein 48%,Fat 2%,Ash 4%,Moisture 1.8%

Rolls: Ingredients : Duck 45%,Cod 40%,Vegetable protein 10%, Analysis: Protein 35%,Fat 4%,Ash 4%,Moisture 22%

Chicken & Sweet Potato Sticks: Ingredients: Chicken breast 60%,Sweet potato 15%,Starch 20%. Analysis: Protein min 28%,Fat max 3%,Fiber 0.2%,Ash max 4%,Moisture max 23%

Lamb Sticks: Ingredients: Lamb 75%, Startch. Analysis:Protein min 28%Fat max 3%Fiber 0.2%Ash max 4%Moisture max 23%

Treat Crackers

  • Your dog will love these yummy christmas treats! Just choose your dogs favorite flavours from the drop box below and pop them on the tree in time for Christmas day.

    All natural ingredients, no Gluten or wheat, and no additives or preservatives.